What This is About

Welcome to FrogsTalk, a blog for people interested in communication and personality. It is a pleasure that you are here.

Why this Blog

I consider communication and understanding others as cornerstones to make this world a better place. My goal is to share what I learn, experience, feel and see with you, whenever I believe that it enabled me to grow. I hope that you will find some of it useful, will enjoy some of the stories and will also share yours with me.


I would not say that I had a very extraordinary life, nevertheless I liked a lot of it.

My name is Françoise Hontoy, I was born in Belgium, lived there for a few years, went on to Germany where I learned German and stayed for most of my educational years. I loved to be in the USA for about a year during that time. Nowadays I live and work in Luxembourg.

Living in these countries was an eye opener for different cultures and way of life. It kept me curious about others, their cultures, their way of thinking and acting, their feelings as well as their communication habits.


Some 11 years ago I became involved in JCI (Junior Chamber International) a great organization for young entrepreneurs in their twenties and thirties. These years have been a fantastic learning and growing experience for me as I engaged in tons of projects, by joining, starting or leading them. Within JCI I connected to all the opportunities the organization provides, I learned to work with people from all over the world, I enjoyed becoming a trainer and love to be still active as such, I was involved in projects for the community and became a part time entrepreneur.

It is within JCI, that I learned that even as an individual I can have my part to make this world a better place.

About 3 years ago I started to hear more about coaching and different coaching approaches. A good friend gave me the first insights, was my coach, gave me the incentive to continue and taught me even more. Following this path I am now certified trainer for the Process Communication Model® and on my way to certify myself as a coach.

All of these experiences led to some personal development making my life nicer. The communication skills I learned with the Process Communication Model® are part of it as well as a better understanding of others, their personality and motivation.

I'm writing this blog as such good things need to be shared, I hope you'll enjoy reading about them.