To create and write a blog you will be using your competence, your knowledge and your learning experience. Your passion will keep you going.

In addition to this I also found it extremely helpful to share my learning experience with others sharing theirs with me and thus went into different forums.

The A-List Blogger Club created by Mary Jaksch and Leo Babauta was the first one I joined. It has become a huge resource in terms of exchange with others in the forums as well as in terms of regular training with several bootcamps organized every year. You'll find me in the forums where I am one of the moderators.

Bloggers share their knowledge through their blogs and a lot of free material, some of them also go beyond and create some great learning material you'll be able to buy.

With the Empire Building Kit Chris Guillebeau created a training with a name which could be seen a selling argument by itself, luckily it is not only that. The goal of the Empire Building Kit is to help you build a sustainable lifestyle business in one year.  The idea is to do one thing every day, but you can do it at your own pace and study all the material available or you subscribe to a daily message providing insight on a great variety of subjects and leading you through the course material.

For the above links to products I am using affiliate links, this means that if you use them to buy the product I will receive a share of the price paid. The amount will depend on the rules set up within each affiliate program.

The practice of affiliate marketing is being used to create win win situations, where the person selling a product earns money for a product he is offering or he has created and the person referring to this product is earning money for the marketing of this product. As I am only referring to products I have bought and tested I hope that this becomes a win win win situation, thus including a win for you.

It is perfectly OK if you choose to let the product owner earn all the money, in this case when buying the product you just need to remove the referral ID in the URL used.